The Citizens' Project

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Producers: Nathan Coombs & David Alamouti

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Status:  Completed
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Each city has its unique stories. The Citizen's Project brings together twenty filmmakers from all over the globe to tell a story that captures something unique about the location they live in. The result is a fantastic collection of short form documentaries, shot on Super 8 and collated as a web-doc, which, when viewed as a collection resonate with global themes and concerns.

The Citizen's Project is one of the first Internet produced collection of global documentaries. Using on-line networks and forums, and shot mostly on Super 8mm film, this project was devised, sourced, managed and exhibited solely through the Internet. It is an example of what can be achieved through the grassroots filmmaking community, or as it is now being called: the 'user generators'. With very simple equipment and little budgets, filmmakers are able to produce films that shine in content and form.

Early documentary is full of enigmatic images that haunt the modern viewer. Deep in focus and dense in subjects, the eye is free to roam and given the space to interpret what it sees. The implied audience is an intelligent one, not in need of simple and immediate answers.

What we wanted to do in this project is to try to return to the more early form, telling the story of people and places, and most importantly giving the audience the respect to believe they can find their own relationship with the stories and images. Super 8mm film was the best way to introduce limitations in shooting ratios, while also giving these films a distinct look. Ironically, it has taken modern technology in the guise of the Internet to allow us the opportunity to get these films made and seen.


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