Justice Seekers

Director: Antonio Ribeiro
Producers: Golriz Kolahi, David Alamouti
Music: Christoph Bauschinger
Sound: David Mackie 

Documentary / 47 mins / 74 mins Theatrical/ 4K/HD

The theatrical version is the production of Contra Image in association with Moon Road Films

Status:  Completed
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Alain and Dafroza Gauthier have spent over a decade fighting the French legal system to bring to justice the masterminds of the Rwandan Genocide. 

Client: Al Jazeera / Programme: Witness  / Broadcast date: 9 April 2014

They are men and women currently living comfortable lives in France. But for almost twenty years they have been met with state and judicial obstruction as parts of the French authorities attempt to derail a process that would ultimately shed further light on French complicity in the genocide, which claimed the lives of over 800,0000 Tutsis.

 The film is not investigative, instead, it is driven by the personal stories of the Gauthiers, as they search and uncover more evidence. It is through their personal account and the trip to Rwanda that the stories of other survivors start to emerge, strengthening our understanding as to why the Gauthiers are so driven in seeking justice for the victims, whilst giving a greater understanding of the effects of the genocide today and how it shapped their lives, hopes and dreams for the future.