Documentary / 74 mins




Antonio Ribeiro


Golriz Kolahi


Antonio Ribeiro

Music Composer

Christoph Bauschinger


Antonio Ribeiro

Additional Camera

Golriz Kolahi

Sound Designer

David Mackie

Leading on from Justice seekers, and the story of Alain and Dafroza Gauthier, it’s 2014 and for the first time in French legal history (and thanks to the Gauthiers), the trial of the Head of Intelligence at the time of the Genocide is about to begin at the Court D'Assis in Paris.

With unprecedented access to both legal teams, the accused, his family, the Gauthiers, and other key players, the film takes the viewer on a journey from France to Rwanda and back again, as we follow the preparations prior the trial until its conclusion in March 2014.
But the narrative of the Rwandan genocide is far more complex than what is commonly know. Through the trial and through Pascal Simbikangwa's own voice, other facts start to emerge shining a light on another more unsettling truth. But who is right, guilty or innocent?


  • Simon Foreman

    Barrister responsible for leading the team of prosecutors in the case of Pascal Simbikwanga.

  • Fabrice Epstein and Alexandra Bourgeot

    Defense lawyers of Pascal Simbikwanga.

  • Maria Malagardis

    Investigative Journalist (Liberation), first French journalist in Kigali during the genocide and author of the book ‘On the track of the Rwandan Perpetrators”.

  • Michel Flesch

    Appointed after 19 years as the first French Ambassador to Rwanda following the genocide.


  • Frontline Club London
  • Theatre 80 St Marks NYC
  • Clinton Street theatre, USA
  • Levantine Cultural Centre, Los Angeles


  • Berlin Independent Film Festival, 2017