Gilad and all that Jazz

An award-winning documentary about possibly the most controversial saxophonist in the history of jazz.

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Too Young, The Hero
Boys with Broken Ears

A handful of young men from Iran compete to see who will fight at the next World Wrestling Championships. 

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Justice Seekers

A couple has battled for over a decade to bring to justice the masterminds of the Rwandan genocide.

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The media landscape is changing quicker than ever before; technological developments have altered how audiences consume media, where and who they consume media from. This new 'fragmented' landscape has had a big impact on production of 'traditional' media, and allowed a more plural and varied landscape to emerge. We welcome and embrace these changes. A pluralised media landscape allows for a dynamic array of ideas and debates to take place.  

Working in both 'traditional' theatrical and broadcast as well as in the 'new' interactive, cross-platform spaces, we are well placed to make the best use of the changing landscape.  Whether its fiction, documentary, or an amalgamation of the two across new platforms, we produce stories that speak to modern, globalised audiences about topics that concern them.

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